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What I want from Apple's rumoured smart-watch

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

The internet has been buzzing about a possible smart-watch being developed by Apple. Sure it may have all kinds of cool neat features but there are 2 features I haven’t heard discussed that could make it a must have.

  • Since Nike won’t be making a Nike+ Fuelband Android app, could this new watch build self-monitoring functionality (like the fuelband, Shine, Fitbit, etc)? If Apple combines its expertise with that of Nike, I think they can build a truly amazing health monitoring device.
  • Biometric authentication. Security breaches have become very common and we have heard that Google is working on a new password replacement device based authentication scheme. Is it possible Apple could use your vitals to build a strong 2-factor authentication token in its smart-watch?

Apple’s IOS was an avant-garde product when it was first released but seems to have stagnated over the last 12-18 months. In many situations, Android devices now have better features at a more competitive price. If Apple wants to maintain its position as the purveyor of premium smartphones, it will have to out innovate Google in its next iteration. This smart-watch may be part of a larger effort to drive new innovation and solidify it as the smart-device leader.