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128GB Retina iPad now available for $799

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
How much storage do you really need on a tablet? If your answer is 128GB, your in luck. Apple has now released its 128GB Retina iPad (do we call it the new new ipad?) for $US799. You can add GPS and LTE for $929.
I know many of you are meaning right now about the incredibly high cost but it is important to remember that this is the first tablet with this much internal storage. With all of the limitations imposed by Apple, who really needs this much space? Enterprise customers do!
I doubt Apple customers will walk into a Best Buy and pickup one of these lovely but expensive devices. This is likely a request from enterprise customers who have started to adopt iPads enmasse and are looking for beefier storage for mobile employees with limited connectivity. It also continues Apple's push to drive a nail through the heart of the traditional PC (we are in the post PC era right?)