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Blackberry 10 (BB10) to run Jelly Bean apps

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Everyone knows that apps make the smartphone and Blackberry decided to include Android emulation in its OS to bolster the available apps on its platform. Sure the emulated apps don't match the look and feel of the new Blackberry 10 operating system but its better than not having that option.
Blackberry has promised an improved Android experience on its devices by upgrading the runtime to version 4.1 (currently is is at the 2.3 level). This means more apps will be compatible, compatibility will improve across the board and shows that Blackberry is committed to this functionality (at least for now).
Blackberry is hoping that developers will eventually "see the light" and start building native Blackberry apps making its ecosystem a strong IOS/Android rival but for now, it is willing to settle for Android almost-run-well apps.
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