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Pictures of the Samsung Galaxy SIV?

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

We are 3 days away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIV in New York’s Time Square and the rumors surrounding the device have reached a feverish pitch. Now a Chinese site has published pictures claiming to be the Samsun Galaxy SIV.

We know Samsung takes confidentiality seriously and this may simply be a Galaxy SIV with a Halloween costume or may even be a decoy unit meant to take potential leakers off track. Coming from China, it may even be a knock off device made by a local manufacturer.

The photos do mesh with the other rumors we have been hearing for some time now: 2GB RAM, 13 mp camera, Android 4.2 and the new Samsung Exynos Octa (eight core processor).

So for now, enjoy these pics are what the device may look like but I wouldn’t these as definite  snapshots just yet.




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