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Monoprice 9927 headphone review

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

In December, I wrote about how much I liked the Monoprice 8320 headphones. It doesn’t replace my Etymotic or UE Triple-Fi 10 but for $7 you get something that feels well-built and performs extremely well. 

I received requests from readers to review the new Monoprice 9927 headphones. This are newer than the 8320 and comes in black (9927), pink (9960), and white (9963). I had a chance to test the 9927 and wanted to share my opinion.

The first change is the look of these headphones. They are more matt but the rest of the design is the same as the 8320. The other major difference is that these come with different sized eartips. Everything else is a carbon copy of the 8320.

I compared both products (8320 vs 9927) and the sound profile is exactly the same (which is a good thing). If you like the look of the Monoprice 8320 and the tip fits then you can comfortably stick to that model. If you want one of the new colors or want different tip sizes, pick up one of these new headphones.

Monoprice recommends that you break-in the headphones for 24 hours using pink noise to get the best performance.