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Rumors about the iPhone 5s and its release date

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

As the unveiling date of the new Samsung Galaxy SIV get’s closer, we have started to hear rumors about the next iPhone. Now the team over at iMore believes that the next iPhone (the 5s maybe?) will be released in August, which matches up nicely to other rumors we have heard.

In the last year, Apple seems to have moved away from a predictable release pattern which makes an August release possible. By allowing itself to have a flexible release cycle, it can respond to Android challengers more quickly and prevents customers from holding off from buying an existing phone (because the next release isn’t know, most won’t wait).

iMore’s hardware rumor is in line with what we always expect from new Apple devices : faster processor, better GPU, improved camera and better battery performance. The hardware predictions are nothing to write home about and it will be interesting to see what they will do with IOS.

There are many iPhone customers (like me) that are hoping Apple really innovates with this iteration (hardware and software) otherwise I will jump ship to Android. What I really want is a substantially improved camera and a major revamp of IOS. 

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