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iPhone 5s to have a finger print scanner

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Since we’re talking about iPhone 5s rumors, I wanted to share with you the predictions made by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI research. He predicts that the iPhone 5s will be released in June and that Apple will maintain its 2 year hardware redesign strategy (aka which means the iPhone 5s is expected to look like the iPhone 5). He also claims that a lower cost iPhone 5 will also be released this year so Apple can penetrate the developing economies.

Like always, the device is expected to keep its beautiful retina display (same size), come bundled with a new A7 processor, come with a smartflash LED, come with an inproved camera sensor and camera software.

My favorite prediction is that the iPhone 5s will come with a finger print reader under the home button. This means we could finally get rid of study unlock passwords but the importance is execution. When I look at the last year, Apple has made a number of high profile blunders with Siri, Apple Maps, etc. I hope the revised management team is going to make sure that the released product is what consumers expect from a $600 phone ($199 on contract).

He also believes the battery will be the same but hopefully they make hardware/software tweaks to improve battery life.

He predicts we will see IOS 7 but didn't provide any details about what he expects. IOS 7 probably requires the most work and is probably the biggest improvement they can make.