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Get free home high speed internet in the USA

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Canadian carriers are notorious for overcharging customers for mobile or home internet services, so we are jealous of all the competition and competitive pricing our US friends have access to. There is a neat little company (in the US) called FreedomPop that has launched a new home internet service which offers free internet services. 

You can buy the special 4G router for $89 (plus $8.99S&H) and then use it with FreedomPop’s free internet service. The free plan gives you 1GB of data a month with 1.5Mbps download speeds. If you want faster speed or more bandwidth you can always upgrade but there are many people for whom the 1GB is more than enough.

Above you can see tha small sleep FreedomPop home router that really looks like the ADSL routers most providers use. 

Once you sign up for their service (even the free one), you can participate in activities to earn additional free data (like sharing FreedomPop on social networks, watching ads, completing questionnaires, etc). Even if you choose one of their paid plans, it is likely cheaper than anything you can get from your local ISP (as long as your data upload/download is limited).

The one catch is that they use the Clearwire Wimax network which is fairly limited. This means you should check to see if it is available in your area. We heard late last year that FreedomPop will be moving to the Sprint LTE network sometime this year which should open up their services to a much bigger geographic area.