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Apple gaining momentum against Android

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

comScore has published it’s smartphone Subscriber Market Share statistics and it looks like Apple my be heading higher while Android takes a little dip. Google’s dark  night (aka Android) dropped 2% in the latest period (51.7%) while Apple’s IOS gained 3.9% (38.9%).

Microsoft and Blackberry both lost ground and it’s not even worth mentioning.

I think the big test for Apple will be the summer release of IOS 7 and the next iPhone (the iPhone 5s?). If they manage to deliver a compelling product then I think they may manage to win back a big chunk of the market. However if they deliver a boring ho-hum release of IOS and the iphone then I’m afraid Apple may see a sizeable drop in market share. I have been an iPhone user from day 1 but am now on the fence, waiting for the next release before I decide to upgrade to another iPhone or finally jump ship to the Android world.