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KLYPAPP for iPhone review - take pictures by clapping (free app)

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
My go to camera app on the iPhone is Camera+ but I thought some of you may find this useful so I am sharing it. Klypapp is a new app by Manfrotto, the kingpin of photo accessories and enables you to take pictures by simply clapping your hands (great for group shots you want to be in).
  • It has a basic settings menu where you can set timer, delay, number of photos per activation, etc.
  • There is a night mode that increases the camera's sensitivity (clearer shot in darker situations but a hige increase in noise).
  • Ability to perform basic editing (crop, basic filters, color correction, etc).
  • Ability to share photos quickly via Facebook and Twitter.

This app is FREE so why not try it now. Link to appstore here.