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Rogers offers US roaming for $7.99 a day

TravellingEdward KiledjianComment

In February, I wrote about a new Fido plan that offered US roaming for $7.99 a day. I wanted to remind Rogers customers that they too have the same option.

The plan costs $7.99 a day [for US bound travellers] which comes with 50MB of 3G data a day. Some some of us, 50MB seems extremely limiting but Rogers assures us that this is "twice the data a Rogers wireless customer would typically use per day while in Canada". 

Telus and Bell don't yet offer by the day plans for Canadians visiting the US: 

  • Telus has a plan that costs $40 and offers 100MB for 30 days ($1 per extra MB).
  • Bell has a plan that costs $40 and offers 100MB for 30 days ($0.40 per extra MB) 

My next blog entry will be about a Canadian service called Roam Mobility that offers another option for users who own unlocked smartphones. 

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