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Bitcasa Windows Update 1.1 review

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
As much I loved the concept of unlimited cloud storage for $99 a year, the previous version of the Windows client was absolutely horrible. It was slow, buggy and crashed constantly.
I was happy to read the Bitcasa blog that revealed version 1.1. The primary advertised benefit of this update is stability and performance. If you have the previous Windows version installed, you should already have seen a notification for the in-app upgrade. Mac users will receive the notification over the next couple of days.
So far, the client hasn't crashed since installing it and opening the Inifnite drive virtual drive in Windows Explorer seems much faster. So far so good.
Download the new client manually here.
My ongoing complaints are:
- Recovery process is horrible
If you experience a major (catastrophic failure), recovery should be as simple as installing the client and instructing it do to a recovery. Unfortunatly you have to manually download the files onto your new PC, then re-Mirror and once it is all resynched, you can manually delete the old copies of the data.
- Featureless Sync
A service like Bitcasa should at a minimum match the feature set of its competitors (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, etc). As it is currently build, you can sync data to multi computers but only one PC (the main one) can upload changes back. Every copy should be able to send changes back.
- Sharing summary
Sharing is super simple with Bitcasa but there i no main console that lists everything you have shared thus making modifications to the shares easier (add user, remove users, stop sharing).
- Better configuration
The Bitcasa web and mobile clients have shortcuts to photos, music, videos and documents. Unfortunatly you can configure which folders to include in these sections. As an example, I may have pictures in my work files but don't want those to show up when I click on pictures (which should show my personal pics). Same issue with Music, it sometimes lists sound files stored in my work folders and I have no way to exclude these folders from listing here.