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Nokia windowsphone with 41 megapixel coming?

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
The world warmly received the Lumia 925/928 this week and tech pundits already started complaining that Nokia should introduce a 41 megapixel equipped device leveraging its PureView technology. 
Now WMPowerUser belives they have information about an upcoming device that would answer the call for a windowsphone smartphone with a PureView camera.
According to that post, the EOS camera will use a polycarbonate (plastic) shell and have the same physical caracteristics of the Lumia 920. The device is purported to have the same 4.5" AMOLED screen as the 925. It will come with a Xenon flash (not the dual LED found in the 925) and a red light focus assistant. 
To control all this power, the rumor says Nokia will release a new Camera app called Nokia Pro Camera that will manual controls.