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Amazon Cloud Drive available to Canadians

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Dear Canadian readers, rejoice in the fact that has finally made Amazon Cloud Drive available to you (in Canada). Using Cloud Drive Photos (for Android or IOS) you can upload your photos to Amazon's remote storage service.
Cloud Drive allows users to store photos, files and music. Music purchases on Amazon's MP3 store don't count towards your storage limit. Songs stored on the service can be played back using the web interface or Android client.
What is the storage limit you ask? It is the usual 5GB (become smallish considering Google now gives you 15GB and Skydrive 7GB). Additional space can be purchased at competitive prices.
Any neat tricks? Glad you asked, they offer a Windows and Mac sync feature (a la Dropbox) that works pretty well. 
You can download the IOS client here.
You can download the Android client here.