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Rogers' US Roaming versus Roam Mobility

TravellingEdward KiledjianComment

On May 14th, I wrote a blog post about a new US roaming package Rogers started offering its customers ($7.99 per day for 50MB of data). 

As the summer holidays get ever closer, it is interesting to see Rogers spice up their roaming plans. In addition to the plans, Rogers now has text alerting to notify you of roaming data spending in the hope of preventing sticker shock.

Anytime you are travelling abroad, you really should look at using Onavo to compress your 3G/4G traffic, this will:

  • cause you to use less data (cheaper)
  • make data transfers faster (better user experience especially on slower networks).

Even with the above plans, Rogers is still way more expensive than what you can get from Roam Mobility for US trips. My advice for Canadians travelling south is to unlock their smartphones (through their carrier) , use one of Roam Mobilities US plans and install Onavo. This will be the cheapest and best experience.