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The White Nexus 4 is now official

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
After weeks of rumors, LG has now officially confirmed the white Nexus 4 phone and at the same time has said it won't be making another Nexus branded device for Google.
The white Nexus 4 .... well... white and that's the only difference compared to the existing black one. LG said it will come to North America sometime in the next couple of months but didn't specify who will sell it (Google, carriers, etc).
More shocking for me was the fact that they finally admitted that they did not want to make another Nexus device. Kim Wong, LG Mobile Europe's VP, said they got hat they wanted out of the deal and aren't interested in making another Nexus branded device for Google. This was an interesting position for a company that was put back on the map by making this phone for Google.