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What is white, black and flat?

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

As we get closer and closer to Apple's WWDC (starts June 10), the rumor mill is speeding up. Everyone wants to hedge their bets and publish their predictions.

It's no secret that responsibility for the User Interface of IOS (iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini) was handed over to Jony Ive (head of industrial design). Looking at his track record, it is clear he doesn't believe in skeuomorphism so we expect a heavy redesign of the next major release of IOS, IOS version 7.

9to5mac has written an interesting article detailing the changes their contacts claim are coming which is a replacement of real world replicating icons by flat (think Windows 8) style design. 9to5mac has typically had a good track record of predicting changes so I tend to believe them a little more than the competition.

Although IOS 7 is expected to sport some minor new features, it seems the crux of the changes will be visual opting for the trademark Ive flat industrial design philosophy.

Most shine, transparency and reflections will be removed (think lock screen, upper status bar, etc).

Some rumor sites have claimed that Apple is testing Notification Window widgets to control WIFI, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, etc (ala Android).

The other credible rumor I have read is that IOS 7 will be accompanied by the new annual revised iPhone model which will of course be the same price but faster, have a better camera and possibly come in multiple color options (like the iPod).

I have been an iPhone user from the very beginning replacing my device every 2 years. Recently IOS has started to feel old and definitely lags behind the Android devices I have tested.Google is improving on design faster than Apple is improving on web services. My upgrade window (for my main driver phone) is October 2013 and this may be the year Apple pushes me to Android once and for all.