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Free Olloclip app for iPhone

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

I love my Olloclip iPhone lens kit. 

What is the Olloclip?

The Olloclip is an add-on lens kit for the iPhone (4/4s and 5 versions exist) which includes:

It looks like this:

I use my iPhone more for photography than anything else so I love iphoneography accessories and the Olloclip is in my top 3.

What is the free Olloclip app?

The free Olloclip app is available now on Apple iTunes AppStore and allows you to edit pictures taken with Olloclip.


  • Mesh Editor - A tool that allows you to change the curvature effect on a picture
  • Video Mode - A video optimized mode for Olloclip recorded movies.
  • Normal Mode -Optimizes pictures taken with the Olloclip
  • Macro Mode - Helps take cleaner pictures with the Olloclip macro lens