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Tekiki shows best free IOS apps

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

There are dozens of apps in the iTunes AppStore that help you find "the best free apps" on itunes but the number is dindling. It seems Apple is on a crusade to rid itself of this "evil" by using the terms of service developers accept when submiting apps. A couple of weeks ago Apple started its crusade by killing the AppGratis app and there is no sign Apple will stop until it get's every last one of the "free today" promotion apps.

The team at Tekiki has come up with a novel approach to ensure Apple can't stop it... Instead of using an App, they are using an HTML5 (mobile optimized) website. This means they are not on the Apple appstore and are not subject to Apple tight contractual controls.

The site still feels rought but its a nice start (it doesn't scale to the iPhone 5's screen, filtering is basic, etc). 
If you find yourself using the service, just add a bookmark to your homescreen and you can get to it with one click.
This is the filtering page
This is the main page