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Recordium record and edit audio on the iPhone or iPad (free today)

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

There are dozens of times each week when I use my iPhone as an audio recording device (meetings, ideas, etc) but typically finding relevant information in a long recording is difficult. 

Recordium is a clean little app that allows you to record, edit and find pertinent information all on your iPhone or iPad (it is a universal app). Once you have perfected your masterpiece, you can export it to Dropbox, Evernote and other storage services.

Recordium is free until June 1 so go download it it from here now!

Recordium saves its content in IOS friendly MP4 format so compatibility with all your Apple devices is excellent (Windows and Linux support M4 audio out of the box as well). 2 very neat features I want to highlight are:
  • auto-pause - recording is automaticlly paused when an incoming call is received
  • auto-save - app periodically auto-saves recordings to protect them in the even of an app crash

The audio editing features are specifically designed for touch enabled devices so they work really well but this isn't an audacity replacement. You can highlight important sections, add tags anywhere and even use a photo tag. It also includes cut, paste and trim tools.