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Cortex Camera versus NightCap comparison on iphone

technologyEdward Kiledjian1 Comment

What is NightCap

You can read my review about the NightCap app here.

What is Cortex Camera

The developer description of Corex Camera (Cam) is 

Tired of the grainy photos you get when using your device’s camera in low light? Cortex camera combines dozens of images to create a sharp image without the low-quality noise that shows up when using the default camera. Please note that your subject must be still during exposure, which takes 2-10 seconds.

The comparison

I wanted to see how well each would perform in a low light situation. I am using the default iPhone 4s camera app as the benchmark.

The pictures were taken from the exact same location. The camera was proped on my blacony using a Joby GripTight Tripod.

I have read dozens of glowing reviews about Cortex Cam and was really disappointed when I saw the results.

For photography in reduced light situations, NightCap still wins.

The first picture was taken with the iPhone's default Camera app.


The second picture (below) was taken using NightCap

The last picture was taken with Corex Camera

NOTE: I just noticed 3 pictures are upside down but you get the "picture" ;-)