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The best Android and iPhone weather app

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So I lied just a little bit, Forcast.IO is actually an HTML5 web page built to look and act like an app.It works on any platform with an HTML5 compliant platform (iphone, ipad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux). It is so well designed that it has replaced all of my platform specific weather apps. is beautifully simple, clean, easy to use but also accurate. 

What is was created by the programming braintrust from DarkSky, a realtime rain/snow prediction app. Darksky proved to be extremely accurate. As great as it was, it was a very specific app for a very specific use and wasn't well suited to replace any other general weather app. takes all the power of the DarkSky algorithm and pushes it much further. It uses input from 16 different weather data feeds before performing its interpretation and predictive magic.

So what does look like?

This is a good point to show you some screenshots of The mobile images come from an iPhone 4s.
The first time you visit from your iPhone or iPad, you'll be greeted with the below message. 
Once you add the icon to your homescreen, you gain access to the web app at launch. Here you see the weather for May 31 2013 for Montreal (Quebec).
You can see a great smooth and very slick cloud/rain/snow prediction radar visualization.
If you click the little plus sign near the top of the screen, you get more detailed information about today's weather (Wind, Humidity, visibility, pressure, high, low).
The bar that says cloudy above can be pulled (left or right) to show when they predict the start of rain/snow.
If you click the 7 day forecast button at the bottom of the page, you get this beautiful week long prediction. Click on any day to see the details for that day.
The web page (on desktops and laptops) presents the same information in a larger format.

More details

There is a feature on the full web version called Time Machine which allows you to see the weather forecast from almost any location on earth from anytime in the recorded past.
When using the web app, you quickly forget it is a web page with special rendering and think its a local platform specific app. 
This has now become the only weather app on my device and I love it. This is a completely free web app so why not download and play with it now.