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Strategy, Innovation, Leadership and Security launching a new calendar app called CAL this summer

ProductivityEdward KiledjianComment has been my personal task manager of choice because it offers a clean easy to use interface but is very powerful (feature rich). Over the last couple of months, the team has been making small refinements but now we learn that they have an ambitious plan to bring their interface experience to the world of calendaring through an upcoming app called CAL. 
In the below video, you see snippets of the app integrating with social networks, your contacts and having situational awareness (location, birthday knowledge, knowing what you are doing now, etc). 
Interestingly the press release mentions:
"Whether you need to find time to step away from work and have a Zen moment or need to spend a full day recharging at the beach, Cal helps you balance life, work, and 'me time' without letting anything slip through the cracks."
Also says 
Cal is a simple, beautiful & delightful calendar for your iPhone
The product is in beta and you can sign up to their mailing list at