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Skyview Travel Seatback Mount is the ultimate airplane gadget

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Last week was a long travel week where I flew :
  • Montreal to London
  • London to Belfast
  • Belfast to London
  • London  to Berlin
  • Berlin to Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt to Montreal

Some of these flights didn't offer any in-flight entertainment and the others offered horribly bad movie options. So what is a traveller to do? enjoy your own hand picked entertainment using the new Griffin Skyview Travel Seatback Mount.

This is a special mount that uses a special connector that latches to the seat back tray table or as a stand on your lowered tray tablet. The hand holds many smartphones, tablets and ereaders.

All of this wonderful enjoyment can be yours for only $29.99 (which is a small price to pay to beat the monotonous boredom of a long flight).

You can read about the product here.