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Cola flavored Wine is here

FoodstuffEdward KiledjianComment
A French winemaker (Haussmann Famille) is about to make your wildest dreams come true by introducing Cola flavored wine. This "magical" concoction is called Rouge Sucette and is 75% wine and 25% sugar,water and cola flavoring. It contains about 9% alcohol.
Citizens of the winemaking kingdom (aka France) will be able to enjoy [or be repulsed by] this new product as soon as next month. Could this be a new club favorite, something between regular code and rum and coke?
Why would a venerable industry like the French wine industry try something this different? They need to attract a younger demographic that currently prefers beer and spirits. You may not be aware but flavored wine has already been tried before with products like Arachon which is a grapefruit flavored rosée.