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Whoosh is my favorite gadget screen cleaner

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

If you have read any of my blog posts before, you know that I love gadgets. I love all gadgets big and small, shiny or mate. I do everything to keep my devices as clean as possible. In October 2012, I wrote  a blog entry entitled "Stop What You're Doing And Clean Your Smartphone" where I explain that 

Mobile phones are excellent peatry dishes for bacterial growth. There has been a handful of well documented studies that prove that many smartphones are dirtier than a public toilet seat. 

Add to that the fact that your smartphone or tablet is the device you touch the most and its easy to see why it needs a real deep cleaning. Over the years, I have tried dozens of different products to clean my smartphones from creams & lotions to gels & carbon pads. 

The best smartphone screen cleaner

I recently had a chance to try a new product called Whoosh Screen Cleaner and was amazed. This is a gentle and natural product that can clean every screens in your life from your smartphone, LCD monitor to your tablet. 

I tried it on various Dell monitors, an iPhones 4s and iPhone 5, a Google Nexus 4, a blackberry bold, a projection TV, my Dell and Apple laptops and it worked. It worked really well and was super easy. You simply spray a bit of the cleaner on the enclosed cloth and then wipe the dirt away. 

To torture test the product, I dipped the tip of my finger in honey then rubbed my naked iPhone 4s screen. I waited 15 minutes and then started my test. I first tried the SideKick carbon cleaning pad from Lenspen and the honey grabbed the carbon particles and trapped them. Yuck

I then tried a generic house brand cleaning spray from Best Buy and it couldn't get the gunk off (plus it had a horribly strong smell).

Finally I sprayed a generous amount of Whoosh on a cloth, rubbed the screen with a circular motion and in less than a minute the screen was shiny and clean.

How is the Whoosh sold?

The Whoosh Screen Cleaner comes in 3 separate kits

The Whoosh Screen Shine Pocket is a small 8ml pocket kit that comes with 1 cleaning cloth and is sized specifically to be travel compatible (aka it will be allowed on a plane by the TSA). This currently sells for $US5.

The Whoosh Shine Go is the big bottle and is great to keep around the house. It will be your main go to product to clean every electronic screen in your house (this is a 30ml kit and also comes with a cleaning cloth). This currently sells for $10.

The best kit and the one I recommend is the Whoosh Screen Shine Duo+. It comes with the Pocket size plus a massive 100ml bottle for the house or office & 2 cleaning cloths. This currently sells for $20.

I love product packaging and really loved the way Whoosh packaged their product. It has a clean modern look with a beautifully resistant sales package and nice bold lettering & colours.



I have spent hundreds of dollars testing various screen cleaning products and gizmos. None of them are as simple and effective as the Whoosh screen cleaner so obviously I highly recommend it

I have seen tests that clearly show that the Whoosh significantly reduces pathogens on your smartphone so

not only are you physically cleaning the device by removing smudges and visible dirt, but you are also removing the invisible nasties that can make you sick