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What's the best Android smartphone August 2013?

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Users wanting to buy an Android smartphone are lucky enough to have a lot of choice. They are also unlucky because they have a lot of choice.

Choice is good and may be confusing. Considering the iPhone 5s will likely be announced September 10th 2013, I would hold off on a buying a new smartphone right now just to see what all your options are (unless you are 100% sure you want an Android device).

If you want to buy an Android today, my 2 recommendations are the MotoX and the HTC One.

  • MotoX - I recommend the new MotoX for iPhone users switching to Android. It is a well designed mid range phone that offers an almost stock clean Android interface (very little crapware) and innovative user functions like hands-free voice control, super efficient battery management, an OLED screen that shows the most relevant information without having to turn on the screen.
  • HTC One - HTC has produced an extremely luxurious device that is well built and fabulous to use. You can buy the original version that comes with an HTC added interface layer but I would recommend going with the Google Play version which comes with a near stock Android version. This special version has non of the manufacturer added bloatware and receives updates much faster.

Link to MotoX

Link to HTC One