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iPhone 5C may become best selling smartphone in China

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
The market is cautiously optimistic that the rumors of a low cost iPhone 5c are real. Now a report by Fortune says that Katy Huberty, or Morgan Stanley, predicts that Apple could become the best selling smartphone in the world's biggest smartphone market (China)  if the iPhone 5C costs less than $400 off contract and supports China Mobile's TDD-LTE wireless technology.
Her prediction is based on an AlphaWise survey of 2000 mobile phone owners in China.
The findings are:
Consumers' interest in iPhone remains steady if Apple continues its high-end strategy 
  • 23% of potential smartphone buyers surveyed chose the iPhone, slightly above our previous survey in January 2013 (19%).
  • Intended repurchase rate for iPhone is higher than other smartphones."