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Move your email service to Switzerland

InfoSecEdward KiledjianComment

Since the PRISM revelations, we have seen a handful of "secure" email services shutter their doors or close their email services (Silent Circle, Lavabit, etc). Then came the shutdown of websites dependent on anonymity of sources (Groklaw).

With all the turmoil, you may be looking for an email service less likely to bend to the will of the NSA (or other national security agency). I can't think of a better country than Switzerland. The email service recommended by the founder of Groklaw is now offering a less expensive lite of its email service.

MyKolab's lite version offers a simple email service with no additional add-ons (calendar, tasks, etc) for $5.25US per month. The assumption is that a Swiss company can remain more independent and isn't subject to pressure from foreign intelligence agencies. 

This sounds great but remember that the US and UK are slurping up internet information at the carrier level so even if Kolab doesn't provide a backdoor, the agencies can still take-in the data as it makes its way through the internet. We also know that all encrypted emails are saved for later analysis and email leaves a trail of metadata (who you emailed, when and how many times).

I understand why people are upset but its important to remember that nothing revealed so far touches pre-crime and shouldn't cause a panic for the average user. I don't think using this type of service makes you more secure. If you want absolute security, nothing beats a secret face to face meeting.