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Get 10GB of extra free Google Drive storage now

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Google bought QuickOffice over a year ago (which use to costs $14.99) and is now releasing it for free on iPhone and Android.

Many believe this is being done as a direct response to Apple offering their iWork suit free on new IOS devices. The app is now universal on IOS which means it supports the iPhone, iPad mini and iPad.

Since buying the app, they have completely reworked the interface and have added deep Google Drive integration. They have done such a good job that many will prefer editing Google Doc documents in it instead of the clumsy web interface. Plus QuickOffice retains its legendary Microsoft Office compatibility (it is compatible with Word, Excel and Powerpoint).

If you download the app and log-in with your Google ID before September 26th, Google will add 10GB of free extra Google Drive storage for 2 years for free. 

Android version download click here

IOS version download click here