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Review of Apple's iPhone 5s leather case

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Along with the new iPhone 5s, Apple released a lot of leather covered iPhone 5s cases being sold for around $US30. (depending where you are). But with all the case options available to consumers, is it even worth considering?

The case itself is beautifully built. It is leather covered on the outside, microfier covered on the inside and reinforced with a plastic skeleton in between. Unlike most cases, this looks premium and feels premium.

The leather is smooth and clean masterfully molded without any seams. The Apple logo on the back of the case lines up with the logo on the device perfectly. To push your iPhone into it requires a little bit of push but once installed, it feels like a glove. It doesn't move, wobble or bend. It is obvious that this was designed to fit perfectly with this phone.


Every button and interface lines up perfectly. A friend of mine, lucky enough to get an iPhone 5s on release date but foolish enough to test the drop resistance of the phone with this case on ceramic proved just how incredible this case is. He performed multiple drops from 6 feet on commercial ceramic tile and the case kept the device perfectly intact. No scratches, nicks or bumps. The case took the brunt of the falls so your phone doesn't have to. Clearly this case will keep your device safe during everyday "normal" use.

The Caveats

There are only 2 negative comments I can make and these are the same comments I make fore most smartphone cases: 

  • The lightning dock opening is big enough for any lightning cable but won't allow you to use it with a dock. Since the case is so snug, it is not practical to install and remove it frequently
  • The headphone jack opening is large enough for the standard Apple headphones. It also worked well with many of my headphones from Shure, Etymotic, Sony, Bose, etc but some of the devices with larger plug coverings won't fit


If you can accept the 2 caveats listed above, this is a truly fantastic case that looks and feels as premium as your iPhone 5s. I have never understood why people protect a $800 phone in a cheap $5 plastic case, so now Apple gives you a great option.

I say buy it.