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Google Chrome for IOS brings data compression, translation and more

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Google updates its Chrome web browser for IOS yesterday and finally bestowed many highly anticipated features to its IOS faithful. The first major feature is automatic in browser translation. visit any webpage that is not in your preferred language and (just like on the desktop version), it will ask if you want Chrome to translate it for you.

Attachment-1 (4).png

Like its desktop counterpart, you can translate just this page or ask Chrome to translate all french pages in the future as well. 

Google has also added a feature to reduce mobile data usage by passing all browsing traffic through its global network of servers first so they can compress, reformat and remove junk (Google says you can save up to 50% on data usage). I have been testing this feature on Android for many months now and I find it typically saved 20-35% of Chrome web browser traffic. Some privacy conscious users may not like this feature so it is off by default.

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The final feature is a redesigned  New Tab page with is cleaner and simpler to use.

Attachment-1 (6).png

Overall it is a nice update that Chrome on IOS users will appreciate. I have been using it for several hours and I haven't noticed any major bugs yet so I recommend you head over to the app store and download the update now.