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OnePlus One pre-orders opening up for 1 hour on Nov 17

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

OnePlus one has managed to become a highly prized name in the tech world almost overnight with its low price "flagship killer". Their first attempt to open up pre-orders (without an invitation) failed miserably with crashing servers.

Now the OnePlus team is giving it another go by opening up the pre-order floodgates on November 17 for 1 hour at 1100 ET. 

The team acknowledge the ordering issue 

In the end, we experienced some server issues from the surge visitors to our site. Things could have gone better
— OnePlus

and now promises a smoother experience. A nice "gift" for this round is

To celebrate our improved pre-order system, a selection of OnePlus accessories can be bundled with the OnePlus One pre-orders at steeply discounted prices, as a thank you to our fans.
— OnePlus

The OnePlus One is the highest value Android phone in the market today. It offers an amazing feature set with Cyanogenmod running as the OS. This is fantastic deal for anyone looking to buy an Android phone.

Source: OnePlus Blog (link)