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re-Enable Facebook chat in the Facebook app for Android

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Image by  Kārlis Dambrāns  used under Creative Commons License

Image by Kārlis Dambrāns used under Creative Commons License

Facebook forced its users to install the Facebook Messenger app (IOS and Android) to continue receiving Messages on Facebook. IOS users are stuck but a crafty Android user has found a work around.

It seems Facebook has left the chat functionality in its original app and a little app called Facebook Chat Re-Enabler will bring it back to life. The process is very simple. You sideload the APK, tun it and voila. Going forward you will be able to chat within the main Facebook app. 

Make sure you delete the Facebook Messenger app before installing the Facebook Chat Re-Enabler

No one know if or when Facebook will remove the chat functionality from its main client (which would force you back to it's 30MB, clunky Facebook Messenger app.

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