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Facebook to clean your news feed

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Image by  Robert Scoble  used under Creative Commons License

Image by Robert Scoble used under Creative Commons License

Sure some Facebook black belts have master trimming and caring for their news feed but most of us get some useful info mixed with spam like posts. Paid posts aren't the items Facebook is looking to curb, it is the non-paid posts that are verging on free self-promotion. This starts with posts claim things like  that 1 like = $1 of donation or 1 like = supporting world peace, etc. 

Types of content the social giant will try to control in 2015 is:

  • Like Baiting - trying to get "friends" to like something so it is shown to more people and moved higher on everyone's news feed
  • Frequently circulated content - That religious picture that you see over and over. Or a post like the one above. Facebook says it's users rate these as less valuable and it will work to curb them
  • Spam Links - Links that are designed specifically to mislead readers to take them to spam or ad sites. (We don't know the exact details yet but many of the most popular internet sites that show the same pictures over and over with ads may see a huge hit).

Hopefully this cleans Facebook up a bit and makes it more readable. 

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