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You won't believe how Moleskine betrays Evernote

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Sorry for the sensational title but it grabbed your attention didn't it?

I have tried handwriting capture apps on tablet for years now. I have tried over 100 different stylus' with dozens of different capture apps on Apple, Microsoft and Google powered tablets. Nothing matched the efficiency of writing with pen on paper. 

In 2012, Evernote partnered with Moleskine to create the new Smart Notebook. This was an attempt to move the traditional world of the handwritten note into the digital age. Instead of pushing you to write with a special stylus on a slab of glass, the Evernote / Moleskine team encouraged you to continue writing the same old way. 

[...]automatically improves the contrast of the page and removes any shadows. For the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine, it finds the dot pattern and even corrects the skew of the photo
— Evernote Blog

This worked and works wonderfully well. It was, for me at least, a fantastic marriage of traditional note taking with my love of Evernote. 

Now jump to November 2015 and Moleskine has partnered with Adobe. Like the Evernote partnership, the purpose of this partnership is move your notes (or doodles in this case) into the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. This tool allows creative designers to move their sketches from paper to the Adobe cloud enabling editing in Photoshop or as a vector in Adobe Illustrator using the special Moleskine IOS app (you also need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription of course).

Right now these notebooks are available directly from Moleskine (link);