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Canadian Wireless Code applies to corporate wireless service plans (sometimes)

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Image by  Perry McKenna  used under Creative Commons License

Image by Perry McKenna used under Creative Commons License

Telus asked the CRTC for clarifications about the applicability of the CRTC Wireless Code to corporate business customers and plans. The CRTC released its decision in October 2014 and the gist of it is that it :

applies to retail mobile wireless voice and data services provided to individuals and small businesses. This means that it applies to all wireless plans for such services where the contract is between (a) an individual and a service provider, or (b) a small business and a service provider.

If an individual is responsible for part or all of the mobile invoice then the wireless code applies (even for employee purchase plan deals). If the plan is owned  and paid by a large corporation then the code does not apply and a 3 year agreement can be entered into.

You can read the CRTC decision here (Link).