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My 7 Favourite Travel Gadgets of 2014

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

1 - Une Bobine

Une Bobine is an iPhone or Android charging cable on steroids. It has a strong and flexible cable that allows you to position your device in any position you want. It can be a base, coil around another item and even be used as a smartphone stand in your car.

Even when not being used to charge, you can use it to hold your smartphone for a video conference or as an impromptu tripod for taking that perfect picture. 

$35 on Amazon (link)

2 - Personal Travel Humidifier

Airplanes are dry. Hotels are dry. Travelling causes skin dryness, throat dryness, and many frequent travellers complain it prevents them from sleeping. Enter the Violife Personal Misting Humidifier. It is a self contained travel friendly unit that converts its 27-ounce refillable water bottle into gentle glorious steam (you can also use some standard water bottles).

$39 on Amazon (link)

3 - MiiSTS pocket friendly products

I have written about travelling carry-on only over and over. I hate checking in luggage because it forces you to wait at your destination, you risk losing your bags and usually get you get subjected to a more serious security screening.

Carry-on only means you have to take small amounts of everything but sometimes it is difficult to find what you want in small easy to travel with containers. This is where MiiSTS comes in.  

It is a line of credit card shaped products that are flat, small and easy to carry. Each product offers about 150 uses (or sprays) and meets TSA travel requirements for per product quantity.

They offer:

  • hand sanitizer $5.95 on Amazon (link
  • breath freshener  $5.95 on Amazon (link
  • sun screen
  • zero calorie sweetener
  • hair spray
  • lens cleaner  $5.95 on Amazon (link
  • stain remover $5.95 on Amazon (link
  • insect repellent $5.95 on Amazon (link
  • wrinkle releaser

4 - Jackery Bar Premium external battery

There are lots of great external battery options available in the market and the 2 that I really liked this year are the Jackery Bar Premium and the LimeFuel. Both were tested and offer the marketed battery capacity. They are both well build and durable (which isn't the case for most cheap battery products). I have had a chance to travel test both and they both survived extremely well going around the world.

I chose the Jackery simply because of it's metal body and premium internal battery. The Jackery Bar Premium comes in 6,000 mAh capacity which should be enough for most business travellers. The built in USB port provides 2.1A of power which means it can fast charge most smartphones and tablets (most cheaper products only output 1A). Jackery uses Panasonic batteries and charging micro-controllers which means you will get the charge capacity and charge cycles promised (my testing confirmed their numbers).

$29.95 on Amazon (link)

5 - NomadKey USB and Lightning cables

I have had a pair of NomadKey USB and lightning cables tethered to my house keys for about 8 months now and they have performed exactly as described. This are small easy to carry cables that are always with you. 

The Lightning cables are Apple MFI certified so no worries about compatibility. My only gripe is that they are experiencing growing pains and a christmas order (placed Dec 5) still hasn't been delivered. Their customer service is good and they did promise to send a replacement ASAP.

  • $29.95 USB version on Amazon (link)
  • $29.95 Lightning version on Amazon (link

6 - Belkin 3 port power outlet

I reviewed this in April (link) and think every business person should always travel with a power outlet strip. I have used it over and over.

I recommend the 3 outlet version with 2.1 A dual USB ports.

$19.35 on Amazon (link)

7 - Grid IT Cocoon organizer

It is an easy way to keep your "stuff" organized when you travel. They offer different sizes and colours.