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Telus updates its Travel Pass for Cuba

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Canadians love to flock south during the winter to thaw out and get some colour. One of our favourite destinations is Cuba because its close and cheap. Now Telus has updated its Travel Pass for Cuba (offering more for less).

I am typically the first person to say "Unlock your phone and buy a pre-paid SIM when you land" but that simply isn't practical for Cuba so this is a nice option.

  • $40 Plan - Get's you 50 minutes of talk, 50 text messages and 50MB of data.
  • $65 Plan - Get's you 150 minutes of talk, 150 text messages and 150MB of data.
  • $100 Plan - get you 300 minutes talk, unlimited text messaging, and 300MB of data.

This isn't cheap by Canadian standards, but it isn't expensive for Cuba. Cuba still uses satellite connectivity to the internet, so don't expect LTE type speeds.

Telus (link)