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Fongo working on a VOIP client for Blackberry 10

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

I first started using Fongo when it was powering a free VOIP service for Dell Canada called Dell Voice (link). The premise was simple. It offered a free IOS and Android app that provided free calling to most Canadian locations with free calledID and free voicemail. 

The Dell deal ended but I continued using it when travelling or when selling something on kijiji (when I don't want to give out my personal number). Now we learn that Fongo is working on a Blackberry (BB) 10 client. 

The Fongo website still says "Fongo for Blackberry is not currently available" but now we know they are working on it. 

It's still too early to know if this will ever be converted to a real distributed client but thousands of Canadian Blackberry users would love to get their hands on this free VOIP service. Now we have to wait and see.