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Don't use a water bottle, drink a water blob

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

We all know that water bottles are problem for the environment but you need hydration and can't always carry a reusable water container with you. Some London based students (industrial design students to be exact) came up with a water blob. 

This creation is called the Ooho and is a thin edible membrane made from brown algae and calcium chloride. This membrane can hold water thus removing the need for disposable plastic water bottles.

We’re applying an evolved version of spherification to one of the most basic and essential elements of life–water. The double membrane protects the inside hygienically, and makes it possible to put labels between the two layers without any adhesive. The reality is that more and more, when we drink water we throw away a plastic bottle. Eighty percent of them are not recycled. This consumerism reflects the society in which we live.
— Gonzalez, One of the creators