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6 simple tips that will change your mood immediately

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ven the most optimistic and disciplined professional sometimes feels depressed or overwhelmed. It could be caused because of life pressure, surprise bills, work issues, etc.

If you are generally happy but find yourself in one of these small negative lulls, what can you do? Here are some simple time proven strategies to "get you into the light:.

  1. Take care of yourself - Get a massage, a pedicure or simply take a long warm shower. When people feel depressed, they want to sit around and sulk. Taking care of yourself and feeling clean will shift your paradigm and will often be enough to jump start you out of your rut.
  2. Go exercise - Exercising doesn't mean killing yourself in a crossfit routine but it does mean  moving around. It can be as simple as taking a nice walk with your dog, going for a swim or taking a hike in nature. Getting out of the house is important to change your mood so plan on doing something outside or at the gym.
  3. Dig into your gratitude Jar - If you have a gratitude jar, read a couple of your gratitude snippets to lift your mood. If you don't have a gratitude jar, read this article (link) to find out how to start one now.
  4. Play it loud - Play music that you love long and loud. Pick something upbeat that gives you the urge to sing or dance. 
  5. Talk about it - If none of the above worked, talk to your spouse, or  a friend. I know that some of you may not have anyone available so sometimes online forums and chat services may also fit the bill in a pinch.

Above all, remember that this too shall pass and that most of the time, you are likely to imagine things worse than they actually are. Stay positive and live the life you love.