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Give your Macbook Air an extra 12 hours of battery life

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Every traveller knows that dreaded feeling of running out of power for your Macbook or iPhone. Imagine running our of juice while in transit, on a long plane ride or at a customer site. You could always hunt for a power outlet but sometimes, there just isn't one in around. 

This is where a cool new product called BatteryBox (link) comes in. It isn't available yet, so I haven't tested it myself but it promises to juice up an Apple Macbook Air for an additional 12 hours or a Macbook pro for 6 more hours. 


The BatteryBox has a Magsafe2 adaptor so you can plug it directly to your device and immediately enjoy power independence. It will power your Macbook device directly and not charges its battery (which means you don't lose power from a  battery to battery charge ergo its more efficient).

It also offers a USB adaptor to charge any USB compatible device. The real kicker is what the manufacturer calls BatteryOS. They claim this special controller will upgrade the battery life of the device to 3000 full charge cycles while still maintaining a 96% charge capacity after 5 years. All of this adds up to a great value even at the pre-sale price of $139.