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Best travel water bottle - Vapur Elements 1L

GeneralEdward Kiledjian2 Comments

Travel a couple of times a year (or more) and you start finding some of our new security rules stupid. One of the most stupid rules is the fact that I can't bring a water bottle with me through security but I can buy a $5 bottle from the convenience store. 

Eventually you get tired of having to pay $5 and you start testing the various types of reusable water bottles you can bring empty and fill after the security checkpoint. This led me to test about 18 different name brand water bottles (specifically for travel).

My requirements were:

  1. Sturdy and resistant to drops
  2. Watertight seal
  3. Reusable
  4. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  5. Wide mouth for each use (filling and drinking)
  6. Must fit in the seat-back pocket of most airlines

With my list ready, I started my quest and after much testing, I selected the Vapur Element 1L (link) bottle as the clear winner. It meets all of my requirements and then some. As an example that goes over and above,  it can be filled and frozen for wilderness trekking or as an ice pack.

Many of the other bottles I tried took up too much room. They didn't fit in a seat-back pocket. They cracked when dropped or leaked.