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Run iPhone apps on Android

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

The iPhone 5s is my main primary use cell phone (even though I test dozens of other phones every year). One of the main reasons I have stayed (stuck) to the iPhone is the collection of high quality apps available on IOS and not on Android. Sure I wish my main apps existed on both platforms but there are still some very useful productivity apps that are iPhone only. 

Now six Columbia university students have done the unthinkable. they have forsaken everything that is holly and have devised a platform (called CIDER) which "fools" IOS apps into thinking they are running on an iPhone. 

I don't have the technical details but this is likely the same model used by Wine to run Windows app on Linux without needing a windows license. They likely emulate the APIs which trick the app. In the video, CIDER clearly suffers the same performance problem running IOS apps that Wine suffers running Windows apps. The other issue CIDER has is the inability to access many of the additional device hardware peripherals such as cell phone data connection and GPS.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how Apple responds to this development.