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New Gillette razor changing a 100 year business model?

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

It seems every couple of years, Gillette releases a newer, better, closer, more precise shaving razor system that turns out of be incompatible with all previous blades. Many have said this is a technique to keep the price of blades high.

Now there is a twist to the story with Gilette releasing the new ProGlide with Flexball technology (link)  which accepts the previous series of ProGlide blades. No one know for sure but many analysts have said it is an admission that companies like DollarShaveClub, Harrys or Dorco (link) are really starting to hurt the king of razors. These other companies are often 60-80% cheaper and offer blades of similar quality. 

So perhaps they pushed Gillette to innovate its shaving tech and its business model. We'll have to wait and see. Even by using the same blades, they still cost many times more than the new young upstart competitors. The only benefit to consumers is that they can continue using the same blades they may already have bought with this new Dyson-like shaving system.