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Watch the Google IO Keynote Live

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

How to Watch the Google IO keynote live stream today

Google IO (I/O) starts today at 9:00am PDT and you can watch the keynote live. We expect the introduction of the next major Android Release (release L) which should be a major visual overhaul. Google understands that it must innovate to stay ahead of the curve, now that Apple's IOS8 brings many of Android's customization to the IOS world (third party keyboard, rich notifications and inter-app communication).

Many sites will try to capture you and force you to watch the live stream to an imbed in their own site, not me. Here is the link to watch the live original Google originated feed (link).

What to expect at today's keynote

Let us not forget that this is a developer conference and as such most of it is geared to their particular needs. This is likely a launchpad for :

  • the next version of Android (Android L)
  • the implementation of ART as the main runtime (instead of Dalvic)
  • the next line of Nexus devices (probably the last batch)
  • the launch of a thriving wearable line

What will Android be called?

Every version of Android is typically given a desert name and the next one will start with L. We can start betting what the name will be... Licorice, lollipop, Lemon tart, etc... Let the guesses begin. You have a couple of hours until Google makes its announcement.