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Cliris cleans your glasses for you

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

I know cleaning your glasses is a lot of hard arduous sweat inducing work. You probably ask yourself all the time "there must be a better way". Why hasn't technology solved this age old problem already?

Cliris is a new Kickstarter project that want to make your life just a little easier and make you just a little more lazy. In just four minutes, it will clean, disinfect, anti-fog treat and dry your glasses for you.

Cliris uses ultrasonic technology (the same one used to clean jewelry for years) along with a biodegradable cleaning solution. The solution comes in special pods that cost about $US25 each and last for 30 cleanings. Add to that the $US269 cost of the device and this is something for a very specific subset of lazy individuals with tones of disposable income burning a hole in their pockets. 

You've got 25 days to fund this project (link).