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Google in talks to buy Songza

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Apple bough Beats and now NT Post (link) is reporting that Google may be in talks to buy popular streaming service Songza. Apple paid approximately $500M for Beats' streaming service which is believed to have less than 250,000 subscribers. Google is reportedly offering 15M$ for Songza which has 5.5M active users.

Songza has a unique approach to music recommendations. You choose what you are doing and they recommend a custom tailors human curated playlist for that activity. This approach works really well and this is one of my main music go to services.

We don't have any indication of how much revenue it generates but it has started to offer branded playlists with the name of a company in the playlist. It has also started to insert advertising into its apps and website.

I like Songza and would be sad to see it disappear.