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Rocket scientist designs the ultimate pan

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

Science is a wonderful thing. It has made our lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. Now Dr Povey, an engineering teacher from Oxford University, has created a new pan design that leverages cutting edge rocket science to deliver the ultimate pan. Flare is the result of this intensive research and is the most efficient pan ever created for gas stoves (it also works on electric, ceramic and halogen).

The pan has a series of "fins" which direct the flames and ensure a more efficient heat distribution. The body is made from aluminium for efficient heat distribution but the handle is stainless steal so it remains cool to the touch. 

The result is that the pan reaches the desired temperature 34% faster than conventional pans which translates into 28% energy savings.

The pans are being marketed by a UK firm called Lakeland homeward at a cost of 49.99 to 84.99 pounds.

You can buy the pans here (link)